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Index of Canadian Artists (Visual Arts) ---U
Répertoire des artistes canadiens (Arts visuels)---U

Par / By  François Lareau © François Lareau, Ottawa,  1998-,

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References in parentheses / Références entre parenthèses

U    like in  / comme dans  Usher, J.E., University College Fire, 1890, oil on canvas, 74.5 x 112.5 cm, University College Archives, photography credit -- James A.
References in parentheses / Références entre parenthèses

Uberti, Joseph, fl 1907-17, (Biographical Index of Artists in Canada)
Uchida, Bart Shigeru/Shigeri, 1941-, sculpt. (Biographical Index of Artists in Canada)
Udell, Janice (Corporate collections)
Udlatitak (Udlatita), E., sculpt. (Art Auctions 1976-1978)
U'dzistalis, Chief, see Speck, Henry
Uesson-Talpak, Monika, 1951-, (Society of Estonian Artists  in Toronto)
Uffen, Catherine G.; artist's site
Uffen, Robert James, 1923-, (Biographical Index of Artists in Canada)
Ugjuk, Eskimo art, Rankin Inlet (Larmour)
Ugyuk, Charlie, (Seidelman)
Ugjuk, Thomas, 1921-, (Sculpture/Inuit 1971, plates 110 and 371)

Source of image: https://www.google.com (google image), accessed 10 February 2016
Book on Ina D.D. Uhthoff:
Johnson-Dean, Christina B., 1944-, Ina D.D. Uhthoff, The life and art of Ina D.D. Uhthoff / Christina Johnson-Dean; introduction by Pat Martin Bates,
Salt Spring Island, B.C. : Mother Tongue,  c2012, [128 p.],| 100 colour and b&w plates, Trade paperback with French flaps, 9.5” x 8”. SERIES: Unheralded Artists of BC.
 NOTES: Includes index. ISBN: 9781896949130.

Uhthoff, Ina D.D., 1889-1971, (McKendry; Tippett; Glenbow-Alberta Institue;
------Printmaking in B.C., 1889-1983; Biographical Index of Artists in Canada;
------Early Women Artists)

Ina Uhthoff,  Castle Mountain, 1943, Oil on canvas board, 30.5 x 35.5 cm, Collection of Glenbow-Alberta
Institute, Calgary (photo and text reproduced from Moncrieff Williamson and Glenbow-Alberta Institute,
Through Canadian Eyes: Trends and Influences in Canadian Art, 1815-1965, Calgary:
Glenbow-Alberta Institute, 1976, picture 156).
Ukangot, carver (Art Auctions 1976-1978)
Ukpagaq, James, 1916-, (Roch)
Ukpatiku, William (Ukpateeko, Ukpatika), William, 1935-,
-------(National Museum of Man)
Ulayu (Olayou, Ulaya), 1904-, (National Museum of Man; Eskimo Prints)
Uldukis, Elena, 1912-, (Reflections of Gloucester; City of Ottawa Art Collection -- 2013)
Ullikatark, sculpt. (Art Auctions 1976-1978)
Ullulaq, Judas, sculpt. Inuit, 1937-1999, (Aboriginal Art; Newlands; Seidelman;
------Magazin'art, v. 8(2), 1995, pp. 46-47 and 91(E); Biographical Index of Artists in Canada)
Ulrich, James (Jim) 1944-,  (McKendry)
Ulrich, Normand, 1949-, (L'estampe à Québec; Roussan 82; MAC; Artistes plasticiens par Comeau;
-------Collection numérique d'estampes de la Bibliothèque nationale du Québec)
Uluschak, Edward (Edd), 1943-, (Biographical Index of Artists in Canada; Caricatures 1992; History of Canadian Political Cartooning)
Uman-sures, deborah; artist's site
Umholtz, David, 1943/4-, (McKendry;  Shell Canada Collection; Toronto Dominion Bank Collection;
------Atlantic Art Exhibition; Biographical Index of Artists in Canada; Vie des arts, numéro 221, vol. 45, hiver 2010-2011, pp. 34-35;
------Off the Grid --Abstract Painting in New Brunswick)
Uniastowski, Irene (Umia), 1920-,  (Artistes plasticiens par Comeau)
Una , Eskimo art, Baker Lake (Larmour; Winnipeg Art Gallery; Art Auctions 1976-1978)...see also
Underhill. Eldon, Burnaby, fl 1970s, (Roundstone Council for the Arts 2; Biographical Index of Artists in Canada)
Unett, Thomas, act. 1821-55, (Coverdale Collection of Canadiana; Biographical Index of Artists in Canada)
Ung, Christina (Sheridan Institute's Illustration Program 2007 Graduating Class)
Ungalaq, James, 1964-, (Seidelman; Indian and Inuit Art; Transitions -- Contemporary Canadian Indian and Inuit Art 1997)
Ungalaq, Nathaniel (Natar), (Seidelman)
Unger, James, 1937-, (Biographical Index of Artists in Canada)
Unrau, Tristan (RBC Canadian Painting Competition 2015 Finalists)
Unwin, Jay T., 1958-1996 (Sculpture)
Upik (Okpik), Simeonie, (Art Auctions 1976-1978)

Urban, David, 1966-, (Abstract Painting; The Donovan Collection at St. Michael's College)

Image source: consignor.ca/artwork/AW28924, accessed 5 March 2017
David Urban, The Sick Tree, 2005, oil on canvas, laid on board,
24 x 30" / 61 x 76.2 cms; Consignor Canadian Fine Art, March 2017
Online Auction of Canadian and International Art work, Lot # 102.

Urban, Frederic (YYZ  Artists' Outlet: 1979-1989)
Urban, Keios (City of Ottawa Art Collection -- 2013)
Urosevic, Alexandra (ARTBOMB-- 11 and 25 October 2016; 20 March 2017)

Tony Urquhart, Tony, 1934-, photo by Philip
Pocock, reproduced from Canadian Art, volume
15, number 4, November 1958, at p. 267.

Urquhart, Anthony (Tony) Morse, 1934-,  (Newlands; McKendry; Leclerc; Reid; Carleton;
------Sir George Williams University; Hubbard; Harper; Art Gallery of Ontario; Burnett;
------Murray; Balkind; Lord; University of Guelph; Art Gallery of Hamilton; Queen's University;
------McMaster University; Canadian Drawings; Winnipeg Art Gallery; Collection Lavalin
------du Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, The Canadian Society of Painters in
------Water Colour; Toronto Painting : 1953-1965; Toronto Dominion Bank Collection;
------Creative Canada, 1971; Art Auctions 1976-1978; Governor General's Awards in Visual and Media Arts -- 2009;
------Biographical Index of Artists in Canada; The 60s in Canada; Sales Index 1989-90; Canadian Pavilion Expo 67;
------Ontario Collection; The Donovan Collection at St. Michael's College)

Book on the artist Tony Urquhart:
Vastokas, Joan M., 1938-, Tony Urquhart, Art Gallery of Windsor, Worlds apart : the symbolic landscapes of Tony Urquhart/ [by Joan M. Vastokas], Windsor, Ont.:
Art Gallery of Windsor, c1988, 80 p.: ill. (some col.); 30 cm. NOTES: Catalogue of an exhibition held at the Art Gallery of Windsor and other galleries, Apr. 29,
1988-Apr. 12, 1989.  ISBN: 0919837131.

Google -- Images for Tony Urquhart

Image source: static1.squarespace.com/static/5129a91fe4b0c8653971e1d5/t/5488d374e4b055c9cb358b6b/1418253172383/Art+of+Father+Daughter.pdf, accessed 20 April 2017
Tony Urquhart, left with Marsh Urquhart; phot reproduced from the
article by Emily Urquhart, "The art of being my father's daughter",
June 2007 Chatelaine 154-163, at p. 161

Urquhart, Marsh, 1965-2001, son of Tony Urquhart

Marsh Urquhart, Roland Michener; photo
reproduced from the following book:
Rohr, Joan Michener, 1027-, Terrence Heath, 1936-, Memories of a governor general's daughter / by Joan Michener Rohr and Terrence Heath; illustrated by Tony Urquhart
and Marsh Urquhart, Toronto : Bedford House Publishing, 1990, 128 p., at p. 127 : ill. ; 21 x 24 cm.  ISBN: 0921856164.


Ursini, Danilo (ARTBOMB--21 August 2014; 13 and 25 January 2015; 2 February, 25 August and 17 September 2016)
Ursus, Gabriel, 1939-, (Vallée 89)
Urwin, Bill, artisan du cuir (Répertoire 1983 des membres accrédités de la Corporation Salon des Métiers d'art du Québec -- SMAQ)
Usaitaijuk (Usuiktuayuk), Lukasie, 1897-1962, carver (Art Auctions 1976-1978)
Ursini, Danilo (ARTBOMB--1 May, 24 July, 27 October and 5 December 2014; 15 June and 24 November 2015;
------21 March and 25 August 2016; 1 and 11 April 2017
Ursuliak, Howard, 1960-, born in Edmonton (Monte Clark Gallery Vancouver)
Usher, J.E. (Toronto in Art)
Ustinov, Plato, 1903-1990, (Biographical Index of Artists in Canada)
Uttaq, Leo (ARTBOMB--9 December 2013)\
Utuyak, Eulalie, 1935-, (Sculpture/Inuit 1971, plate 294)
Utye, sculpt. (Art Auctions 1976-1978)
UR, silversmith/orfèvre (Silver in New France)
UU, David, 1948-, (McKendry)
Uyaoperk, Margaret, 1905- (Sculpture/Inuit 1971, plate 266)

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